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Buildit issue tracker.
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Issue 2 Test failiures on WIndows
    From Anonymous User Apr 26, 07 09:39
    Pending Zope/bug+solution medium
    The testsuite in completes with errors on windows. Some of these are because uses the pwd library to get the username. This is not present on a Windows box, applying the following ...
Issue 4 callbacks for targets
    From Anonymous User Apr 30, 07 13:45
    Pending Zope/feature medium
    Targets currently check for files only, ala make. It would be nice to also have the ability to check a python conditional (probably run as a subprocess) additionally. As an example, if you easy_inst...
Issue 5 "Fetch" command limited to zip/gzip files?
    From Anonymous User. Jun 14, 07 11:24 ... Jun 14, 07 14:16
    Pending Zope/bug medium 2 followups
    Attempting to use the Fetch command to download a RPM from a remote site will always fail, because for some strange reason Fetch only suceeds if the downloaded file is a zip archive (see
Issue 7 InFileWriter doesn't properly resolve namespaces
    From Anonymous User. Jul 25, 07 20:51 ... Jul 27, 07 15:16
    Pending Zope/bug critical 2 followups
    It doesn't seem that InFileWriter (by design or accident) correctly interpolates variables in namespaces: --- --- # framework hair from buildit.context import Context from buildit....
Issue 8 allow global variables to be passed in to Context ctor
    From Anonymous User Jul 30, 07 15:51
    Pending Zope/feature+solution medium
    I find it useful to pass in some variables programmatically so that they are available for interpretation in global sections: from buildit.context import Context from StringIO import StringIO c = Str...
Issue 9 Wrong name for [globals] in doc
    From Anonymous User Jul 31, 07 20:22
    Pending Zope/doc medium
    The Buildit readme file refers to a [defaults] section in root.ini but the correct name is [globals].
Issue 11 expand tildes
    From Anonymous User. Aug 13, 07 19:56 ... Aug 13, 07 19:59
    Pending Zope/feature medium 3 followups
    On Aug 13, 2007, at 3:28 PM, Shenton Chris wrote (via buildit list): I've started to use buildit for a project here and have been compiling a bunch of notes and gotchas. One thing that's stumped me ...
1 to 7 of 7 found (11 total)

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